Seascape revisited…

The new longer-length Seascape…still tempted to grow it so it almost reaches the top of my desk…but that would take a while and I’m juggling so many interesting projects at the moment.  Next up, grow my wall installation – which will also take a while!

IMG_0765 IMG_0764

I finally made it!

So, after many years of wishing and dreaming and hoping – I finally made it to my dream town of Toulouse!  It is such a beautiful, vibrant city and I can’t wait to meet lots of very clever and creative people here,

Started some serious research into what’s going on here in the designer-maker world and it’s all very exciting.  I will hopefully meet some of these creatives at an event I’m going to this evening and then roll on an extremely busy and awe-inspiring 2015!

Grand Autumn Sale

So my move to Toulouse has not quite happened in September as planned, but hoping to be inspired by the beautiful Ville Rose by November and then my creativity will certainly run wild!

In the meantime, I’m making way for new work by having a Grand Autumn Sale with reductions of 10% or 50% on all four of my collections so check out my Etsy shop and bag a bargain!